Be Juice smoothies are a highly innovative and innovative product. These are 6 different fruit combinations in 130 gram bags. The process of making the smoothie is very easy and fast as all you need is to mix the product with 200ml of suggested juice in the blender. Beat for a few seconds and have a glass of smoothies ready.

No. 1 : Super foods

(strawberry, black currant, blueberry, raspberry & cherry juice)

Νο. 2 : Tropical

(mango, peach, apple juice)

Νο. 3 : Classic

(banana, chery & cherry juice)

Νο. 4 : Energy

(carrot, peach & peach juice)

Νο. 5 : Power Mix

(pineapple, kiwi, peach & apple juice)

Νο. 6 : Exotic

(papaya, apple & pineapple juice)

  •  All year round

plastic serving portion of 130gr, packed in cartons

2 years