Our company was founded by Mr. Panagiotis Kristallidis on the 6th April 1971 and it is one of the leading producers in Greece regarding canned peaches. Since 2002 the President of the company is Mrs. Eleni Kristallidou, daughter of the founder and owner of the company.

Our company initially started processing peach, covering a range of approximately 40.000 ctns of 24x1 per season. Since then our product ability has been increased steadily and constantly until nowdays where has reached a total amount of 1.200.000 ctns 24x1.

Our product range has been widened and now we produce not only peach but also fruit cocktail, mushrooms and fruit filling.

We have entered in these sectors after having studied thoroughly not only the market, but also all the factors involved in order to gain the demanded know-how to produce such goods.

To achieve the above goals, we have invested significantly in the machinery market, organizing a perfect laboratory, specialized staff and executives.

We have been established in the market because of our hard and responsible work over the years. Our good reputation is due to the quality not of our products, but also of the service we offer.